Building the creative arsenal for a $1 billion fundraising campaign for girls.

What GOOD did

The Girl Scouts have been an agent of change and empowerment for young women over the last 100+ years. Looking toward the future, we helped them come up with a fundraising initiative to span their entire organization over the next 6 years.

The ToGetHerThere campaign provides a flexible strategy for the needs and priorities of a diverse network of Girl Scout Councils across the world as well as their headquarters. The decentralized nature of Girl Scouts operations required a keen understanding of the channels to influence fundraising outcomes and empower advocates along the way. Over 700 pieces of customized campaign collateral was delivered to equip councils, troops and advocates with fundraising material that embraced the campaign message.

GOOD drove a strategic planning process. We gained insights from Councils, Central Office and the Girl Scouts Research Institute to shape the priorities. We also oversaw creative execution of over 700 pieces of collateral to bring the campaign to life.