The Big Impact of Small Loans

Celebrating a decade long collaboration between PayPal and Kiva.

What GOOD did

PayPal is a critical technology partner to Kiva and has quietly been providing fee-free processing to the organization since day one, allowing the whole thing to work at a scale it couldn’t otherwise. Over 10 days in October, GOOD helped PayPal and Kiva launch The Big Impact of Small Loans campaign. This drove over 10,000 PayPal employees and customers to lend $560,000, in increments as small as $25, to entrepreneurs around the world. PayPal provided each participant with a $25 Kiva Credit to make another loan, so the total amount lent will grow to over $810,000 as people designate their Kiva credits to their chosen recipient. And the long-term impact of this campaign will be even greater — approximately 70% of campaign participants were first-time Kiva depositors; these new lenders will make an estimated $3.5M in loans to 140,000 entrepreneurs over the course of their lifetime on the platform.


PayPal and Kiva – The Big Power of Small Loans