Finding the millennial expression of religious identity.

The Schusterman Foundation
Insights + Strategy
Team members
Emily Kingsley-Ma
Chris Marshall
Grace Kim

What GOOD did

The Schusterman Foundation has a legacy of supporting millennial leaders to create personalized Jewish experiences within their own communities. After rolling out micro-grants, they came to GOOD wanting to solidify their impact strategy and bring in key funding partners. We helped validate the Foundation’s granting concept and engagement strategy among stakeholders in the Jewish world and thus, #MakeItHappen was born.

GOOD Corps helped distill insights from previous micro-granting experiences, interviewed Jewish peer organizations and facilitated work sessions with the Foundation staff. The result was an implementation proposal to evolve the #MakeItHappen program with more opportunities for co-design with stakeholders and learning about the changing nature of millennials’ religious identities and practices.

Our team immersed themselves in the Jewish ecosystem to learn about Millennial expression of religious identity within their communities. Based on this research and with interviews, we structured a micro-granting program that would allow for maximum flexibility and learning opportunities. GOODcorps provided multiple directions for the Schusterman Foundation and its stakeholders to build upon, with guidance on how to execute within allocated resources.