GOOD Cities Project

Celebrating how we make our cities and how our cities make us.

What GOOD did

GOOD partnered with Ford on an audacious plan that would leverage every creative talent in our arsenal, and bring to life—on the screen and in the world一a unique exploration of our cities and how we live in them. Through innovative content, deeply personal narratives, and engaging imagery, GOOD and Ford established a new perspective on the automaker’s values and initiated engagement with cultural creatives and socially-minded consumers.

We invited our favorite thought leaders and writers to pen love letters to their cities and we worked with renowned and emerging artists to express their love for their cities on billboards across the country. As the campaign unfolded, we explored the attributes we believe fundamental to living meaningful and successful urban lives through a series of short films, infographics and photography. 

5 months, 43 pieces of content, 35 million impressions and one great party later, it was clear that Ford loves cities just as much as GOOD’s audience of socially engaged Millennials. 

Through this partnership, GOOD was also able to launch the GOOD City Index with more publicity and awareness than in years past, all the while establishing Ford as a truly global brand with local interest at its heart.