Earth to Paris

Building a global movement of citizens to demand a bolder agreement as the UN convened for COP21.

What GOOD did

In 2015 our world leaders gathered in Paris for the COP21 United Nations conference to craft the first global agreement on climate change. GOOD imagined Earth To Paris as a public engagement campaign and partnered with the United Nations Foundation to create a coalition of over 111 partners and millions of people that joined forces to make an impact on COP21. A huge success from day one, The Earth To Paris Thunderclap kicked off at the Petit Palais with tweets released simultaneously from 1,200 accounts including the UN, UNDP, GOOD and Gisele Bundchen, for a total reach 17.5 million individuals around the world. 

In only 10 weeks, the campaign went from inception to international awareness, gaining over 1.4 billion impressions. The coalition included partners such as National Geographic, Facebook and Twitter, as well as support from Gisele Bundchen, Leonardo DiCaprio and the White House. The combined efforts and support from around the world played a key role in the celebrated outcome of the Paris Agreement.

As the creative brains behind the initiative, GOOD came up with the Earth To Paris name, brand and website. We worked to push out the message by collecting photo submissions, producing videos that gained over 9 million views, setting up an Earth To Paris meeting at the White House with our government officials, and gathering over 4,000 love letters from around the world to give to our leaders in Paris.



This is about all of us.