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What GOOD did

Arrowhead, one of Nestlé Waters North America's Regional Spring Water brands, has been a longstanding business in California for the last 121 years. In order to help Nestlé Waters show their commitment to improving the drought situation in California, GOOD rapidly iterated on a series of concepts, ultimately creating the Water Conservation Kit.

In just under 3 months, GOOD and Nestlé researched, concepted, produced and delivered the Water Conservation Kit — a water-related impact empowerment program that directly supported their California employees and strategically aligned with Nestlé Water’s focus on water stewardship. Each kit included 7 unique products for the home and garden (low-flow shower head, faucet aerators, etc.), packaged as a beautiful gift for the 5,600 Nestlé employees working and living in CA. Potential water savings of this kit is upwards of 63 million gallons of water in a single year. To enable meaningful water savings, GOOD focused on interventions that had outsized impact potential. Supporting employees to make small changes in their daily water-use habits was the key to reaching big impact metrics through a simple intervention. In collaboration with artists from local LA design firm Ludlow Kingsley, GOOD designed and produced the Conservation Kit, including package branding, collateral, and a set of postcards to explain the water savings and how to install the items.

*The kits have also been made available through Amazon if you'd like your own simple kit to save water!