Motivating a new generation to start personal giving journeys through a new community platform.

What GOOD did

Natan sought to bring collective philanthropy to a higher level. Giving circles are growing in popularity and impact, and groups of individuals pool their time and financial resources to make their philanthropic gifts more focused and aligned with their value. Adding infrastructure to these informal small groups can help them be more successful and increase their profile, ultimately encouraging more circles to answer the call of the community.

Through a series of workshops with existing and prospective philanthropists, we worked with Natan to find out what motivates individuals’ personal giving journeys. With these learnings as a guide, we designed and developed an online platform called “Amplifier” that showcases resources, a common grant application and templates necessary to streamline the creation and management of giving circles and to increase the capacity of existing ones. From content curation to engagement strategy, GOOD was a partner in the product launch. This platform has already engaged a number of aspiring philanthropists, and we only expect the number of circles and communities to grow.