Launching a global network focused on recruiting and retaining 100,000 STEM teachers.

100k in 10 website.
100k in 10 website.

What GOOD did

As a key partner in the first conversations, GOOD helped launch and continues to support 100kin10, a multi-sector network focused on recruiting and retaining excellent STEM teachers. GOOD served as a strategic and operational partner from the inception of 100kin10, helping the newly formed organization pursue the goal of recruiting and retaining 100,000 high quality STEM teachers by 2021. GOOD fostered the program to grow the network, drive participation, and curate innovative storytelling, among other roles. We oversaw partner engagement and capacity building; supported the design of business structure, activities, and communications; and facilitated solutions labs that allowed the organizations to co-design products. Our “Solutions Lab” design in particular has seen multiple partners with common challenges co-design products and ideas.