What’s GOOD at SXSW 2016?

March 13, 2016

The Obamas both appearing at SXSW may mark a turning point for the annual tech bacchanal. Could purpose replace convenience as a new driver in startup culture? Will SXSW become a space for those who intend to use their talents for the benefit of the masses?

GOOD wants to find out, and is heading to SXSW to help energize the SXgood Hub, a multiday convergence track focused on enlightening attendees on how to solve social and environmental issues. This intersection of creativity and impact is exactly where GOOD loves to be.

For all those heading to SXSW, GOOD asks you to take a pause from the traditional programming and find a moment to get inspired about how your entrepreneurial spirit and ambition can be applied to help others. You might want to tackle childhood obesity, gun violence, or the digital divide instead of dry cleaning, food delivery, and dog walking.

Whatever it is, think about how you might benefit from benefiting others. After all, President Obama is calling out for your help to make government “more responsive” and easier to use.

Here are a few moments in the SXSW program when you can think about the big picture, and yes, meet staffers from GOOD. Help us take over SXSW with a little bit of giving a damn.

SXgood Stories: Ending Gun Violence (Monday, March 14 - 2:30-3:30 p.m.)

Gabe Reilich, head of video at GOOD, joins Casey Woods, executive director, Arms with Ethics, for the Ending Gun Violence SXgood Story + Lab. The workshop aims to help people understand, contribute to, and scale solutions that could bring the power of social entrepreneurship to ending gun violence.  

Empowering Women and Girls Through Technology (Tuesday, March 15 - 10:35-11:05 a.m.)

Grace Kim, managing director of GOOD’s social impact agency GOODcorps, joins Angela Baker, senior manager of Qualcomm’s Wireless Reach, to look at different ways to inspire and engage girls in STEM, mentor women through technology, empower female entrepreneurs and leverage mobile technology for social good.

100 GOOD Reasons to Party (Tuesday, March 15 - 7:00-10:00 p.m.)

GOOD is partnering up with the New School and SXSW Eco to shut down the SXgood Hub with “100 GOOD Reasons to Party”—the official launch party for Issue 36, The 2016 GOOD 100