This Is What Democracy Looks Like

January 31, 2017

The catastrophic outcome of Trump's latest executive orders on Friday shook most people I know to the core. A key responsibility for the GOOD editorial team is producing content that reacts quickly to Trump's actions and their manifold outcomes, so we can help our readers navigate the chaos.  

I wanted to point out the incredible response to GOOD's coverage over the weekend.

From Friday to Sunday, we posted two videos and six stories specifically related to Trump's immigration restriction to Facebook. The six stories generated more than 1 million uniques, including a post Adam Albright-Hanna wrote about Mark Zuckerberg's reaction to Trump, which reached a staggering 6.1 million people on Facebook and nearly 700K pageviews.

Eric Pfeiffer’s savvy item about Steve Bannon reached nearly a half million on Facebook. Stacey Leasca and Andre Grant both produced stories that reached hundreds of thousands on Facebook. (Full tally—with pageview numbers— are pasted below.)

Gabe Reilich's brilliant "GOOD Emergency Alert" live video, which went up Saturday, has since reached more than 1 million on Facebook, with over 250,000 views. His reposting of America's history with refugees also surpassed 200,000 views. 


Thanks to Will Tacy and Grant Garrison, GOOD will be running 2MM impressions of free ads for International Rescue Committee's first ever emergency campaign for refugees inside America.

Thanks to Stacey and Kate Ryan, we had record engagement on Twitter, with video on Instagram and Snapchat from LAX protests.

Our Trump Guide continues to have resonance, and we update it several times a day.

In case you missed these stories, I've pasted them below. Thanks, as always, for supporting the team with your shares and tweets of our stories. It goes a long way as we grow our readership and hustle to do good work.


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