The GOOD Emergency Alert

January 31, 2017

GOOD's head of video, Gabe Reilich, created the "GOOD Emergency Alert" live video, which went up just days after Trump announced plans for a ban on immigration. The video has since reached more than one million people on Facebook, with over 250,000 views. His reposting of America's history with refugees also surpassed 200,000 views. 


When asked about the inspiration for his GOOD Emergency Alert video, Gabe shared, "Trying to bridge online viewership and real life interaction is a big challenge. How do you move from online outrage to productive civic engagement? You need to get actionable information to people in a quick and clear way. That's what the GOOD Emergency Alert system does. It draws inspiration from one of the most powerful ways of getting a message to the public – the emergency broadcast system – and updates it for Facebook live consumption."