GOOD Wins National Magazine Award For Personal Service

February 7, 2017

On November 9, 2016, we woke up shocked, angry, confused, and worried, so we channelled our post-election shock, frustration and anger into a piece of journalism that is not only useful in these uncertain times but also optimistic and hopeful. And people took notice.

Yesterday, represented by our editor-in-chief Nancy Miller, GOOD accepted an Ellie — otherwise known as the National Magazine Awards — in the category of Personal Service, honoring magazine journalism that serves readers' needs and aspirations. GOOD was up against significant competition, including a three-part series on cancer by The New York Times and an impressive series on abortion rights by Cosmopolitan. See the full list of winners here.

GOOD’s editorial team had to do a major rework of its winter issue in the days following Trump’s victory of the electoral colleges. They created The GOOD Guide to Donald Trump in just two weeks for the OGOD Issue—a clever reordering of the first two letters in the publication’s name.

I realize this is an award for execution, not politics, said Nancy Miller, editor-in-chief. A key reason why this body of work was so successful was because of how passionate we felt about explaining this uncertain world to our readers. We’re a quarterly and my staff reacted like a weekly. Trump has changed our jobs and energized the subjects we've been covering since the magazine's launch in 2006 — now doing it with more gusto across a much larger platform.

GOOD’s editorial team created a magazine for their readers that explores important questions around how the Trump administration will handle gun control, abortion, the Paris Agreement, and ways to take action, including a 24-page GOOD Guide to surviving (and yes, thriving) during this uncertain era of Trump’s presidency. Even in the darkest of times, with the shortest deadlines, they were still able to come out on top as an ASME winner.

The most enduring change has always grown from the loam of dark times, when the people who herald the forces of progress are shaken up, en masse, and inspired by that fire.

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