A View You Don’t Get Anywhere Else

May 2, 2017

GOOD’s editorial team recently debuted our first use of 360 video—optimized for mobile experience. The immersive video is one installment of an incredible three-part series about Iraq, presenting a view inside a country in conflict that we'd otherwise never see. This is an exclusive feature we are extremely proud of and speaks to the true power of GOOD.

About four months ago, GOOD's co-founder, Casey Caplowe, received a note from an amazing documentary film/reporting team that often works with the United Nations; no pressure, just seeing if we might be interested in running some of their work and possibly working with the team in the future.

At the time, all we had was a bundle of rough video cuts, a firsthand account from someone who hadn’t published much work before, and a few un-color corrected photos. But it hooked us from the start.

Features editor Katie Wudel took the lead on the project in January of 2017 and worked closely with filmmaker and journalist Aaron Ohlmann and therapist (and backup cameraman) Adam Kaplan to document the effects of ongoing war in Iraq on those displaced by the conflict. I hope you read Adam Kaplan's observations (and watch Aaron Ohlmann's 360-degree video... though not in Safari or Firefox). It’s an experience you won’t forget.

The Call Center: Lives on the line in Northern Iraq