9 Beautifully Designed Postcards That Help You Take Action Now

May 9, 2017

How do you voice your opinion on political issues that matter to you most? Ever made a phone to call your elected officials? Signed a petition? Attended a march? Everyone has their own way of contributing to the conversation, and for many, it is easy to take a back seat in all of the chatter. Lucky for us, Paperless Post has come out with a new collection of printed postcards that makes it easy for citizens to engage in the important conversations happening around us every day.

The nine postcards use a classic American design with political graphics from different decades. Each design is nonpartisan, encouraging civic engagement in all communities.

A core group of the Paperless Post staff took this on as a passion project. They utilized their design and print resources to empower users with a platform to write directly to their representatives. This passion project greatly impacted their internal sense of community, which is why they are now publicly launching the project. Paperless Post hopes to improve communication and create conversations that allow people of all political beliefs to speak out on issues they care about.

Download the PDFs and get the conversation started today.