15 Secrets As Told By CEOs

March 29, 2017

Chief Executive Officer, or CEO, is a title that exudes confidence and power. While we can make all kinds of assumptions as to  the characteristics that make a great CEO, it is important to remember that hidden behind each leader lies a human being with their own worries and personal struggles. What is it like to be at the helm of an international business? How do you stay grounded in a power-hungry game? Stanford lecturer Shirzad Chamine collected secrets from 100 CEOs and presidents on “How they really feel inside?” He presented his insights in a TEDx Talk as detailed by Quartz. Here are a few of the most common answers about the personal struggles of CEOs:

  • I am terrified of failing as the leader of my business

  • I am rarely at peace with myself

  • I fear dying at an early age from overwork and stress

  • I am feeling sad and lonely, and the antidepressants I am on don’t seem to be working

  • I battle with constantly ranking and judging everyone around me

  • I have no idea how to truly connect with my only son

  • My air of confidence is false

  • I am self-destructive and I don’t know why

  • I don’t love myself very much

  • I lack strength in resisting temptations and desires

  • I often feel like I’m a fraud

  • I worry my materialism is hurting my children

  • I have been abusing drugs and alcohol to deal with stress

  • I wish I could run away for one year, just to be alone

  • I’m afraid of ending up like my father, who is unloved and will die alone