Krista Kokjohn-Poehler

Director of Strategy

Krista has successfully launched and built two multimillion dollar girls’ brands and a kids’ brand, worked in college and professional sports, designed the future of the Nike Foundation’s Global Girl Effect University, and designed the future of the National Girl Scout program as their Chief Girl Experience Officer. She specializes in designing social impact strategies and brands, delivering 150%+ yearly sales growth, and has been recognized by Brandweek as a Guerilla Marketer of the Year, honorable mention. She holds B.A.’s in Communications and Visual Arts from UC San Diego, an MBA from The University of Oregon and completed her Certificate in Sustainable Business Practices from UC San Diego.

What are your interests & Passions

Swimming, Stand up paddle boarding, Pink Martini (the band), Outdoor concerts with fireworks in the summer

Recent Projects
GOOD Sports
Modern Movements Fellowship
Key Skills
Social Impact Strategy

The GOOD Team